• The Good Earth

    I am a huge amateur fan of parts of the space program. I say “amateur” because I don’t want to insult true fans by lumping myself in with the group that knows everything. And I say “parts of the space program” because in particular, I am a fan of human spaceflight to the moon and beyond. I have seen all

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  • The Negev: Learning to Sow in Dry Ground

    The Negev is a desert that sits dry the majority of the year, and yet the psalmist uses the illustration of large harvests from this land as a symbol of God’s faithfulness. But it is not just about God miraculously providing. We have a role to play as well.

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  • A Funeral at Christmastime

    Funerals at Christmastime are difficult. Yet, they can also be an incredible testimony to Christ, the light that shines in the darkness.

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