North Carolina Preaching Festival 2016

Thank you for coming to my workshop!

I hope that this workshop was interesting and valuable to you. Below, you will find resources, links, examples, and more. If you have any questions that come up after the event, feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send me a note.

 Click to Tweet Activity

Click to Tweet is a tool that lets you prepare a tweet for others to send out. Clicking on the link will take people to a page with your suggested text pre-filled in the compose box. They can edit the tweet if they would like.

As part of the workshop, I have prepared a tweet that you are welcome to send:

Tweet: I’m attending “Extending the Sermon” with @defininggrace here at the #NCPreachingFest

It is also possible to redirect a domain, subdomain, or page on your website directly to a Click to Tweet link. For example, you could display a pre-service slide that reads “Go to to let your friends know you’re here!” and have that address take them directly to the page with the pre-filled tweet.

This is an easy way for those in attendance to let their Twitter followers know that they attend your church. You can also begin to extend your sermon by including the sermon title, series theme, Scripture, a main point, or even a hashtag.

(It is also a great way to connect with people who were there. For example, I will get a notification each time the tweet above is sent because it has my username in it, and I will be able to thank you directly.)

Workshop Slides

Click here to download a PDF with all 101 slides from “Extending the Sermon.”

PDF Cheatsheet

Click here to download a printable PDF with key ideas from “Extending the Sermon.”

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Social Media Assets

One more idea before you go. While your people can share/repost items from your church accounts, you can also make social media assets available for them to post directly from their accounts.

This practice can come across as more personal. It also avoids the pitfalls of members missing something you posted (because they weren’t online or because networks like Facebook didn’t show it to them) or members being unable to easily repost something (like on Instagram).

Your church can set up a page on your website (ex., a private Facebook group, or send out a regular email with suggestions for posts, tweets, images, discussion questions, and hashtags.

Below are some examples of the kinds of assets you could provide.

Tweets (Links via Click to Tweet)

Tweet: “What we preach on Sunday morning should have value on Monday morning too.” – @defininggrace #ExtendingTheSermon #NCPreachingFest

Tweet: “We spend 1/4 – 1/2 of our week crafting sermons that significant portions of our communities never hear.” – @defininggrace #NCPreachingFest

Tweet: Online content is either short or long. There’s no more medium – especially for mobile. @defininggrace #ExtendingTheSermon #NCPreachingFest

Tweet: #ExtendingTheSermon requires understanding and connecting content, medium, and audience. – @defininggrace #NCPreachingFest

Images (Created using Adobe Post and

Click on the thumbnail to access the full-size version.

Images for Instagram

Images for Facebook

Images for Twitter

Conversation Starters

Potential conversation starters for social media posts, blog posts, or conversations with friends and colleagues:

What motivates me the most to extend my sermon: time/effort/work, changing attendance patterns, the mission/vision within my sermons, the potential for outreach, or something else? Why?

What catches my eye and makes me stop? Online? Offline? Why?
What kinds of things do people in my church/community share?
How might I reshape parts of my sermon to tap into these?

What do I need to plan, do, or delegate ahead of time to make extending my sermon easier?

Which online/tech tools do I understand the best? Which do I understand the least?

What one thing could I try this week that would take my sermon beyond the worship service?



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