New to Podcasts?

New To Podcasts?

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are audio shows on the internet–like a radio program you can listen to whenever and wherever you want! While I hope you will check out the podcasts I produce, you can find a podcast about almost anything you can think of–from news to culture to sports to sermons to stories…

What’s the easiest way to start?

You can listen to specific episodes of “Art of the Sermon” by going to the show notes found in the archive on this page. Toward the bottom of each post is a media player loaded with that particular episode. This will work whether you are on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

For example, if you want to listen to the debut episode of “Art of the Sermon” where I interview Rev. Magrey deVega, you can click on this link and find an audio player toward the bottom of the show notes page.

What if I want to download an episode and listen to it later?

You can download episodes of “Art of the Sermon” using iTunes on your computer or through a podcasting app on your tablet or mobile device. Examples of great free apps include Overcast (Apple devices), Stitcher (all devices), or the pre-loaded “Podcasts” app on your iPhone/iPad. Podcasts are also now available through Google Play Music on Android devices.

I use Overcast and listen to podcasts while I am driving, walking my dog, mowing the lawn, cooking, running at the gym, etc.

How do I make sure I get every new episode when they come out?

You can subscribe to an entire podcast, and that will ensure new episodes are downloaded to iTunes and/or your podcast app as soon as they come available. Every program or app is a little different, but search for the show, go to the main page where the general information and episodes are listed, and there should be a subscribe button somewhere.

Find “Art of the Sermon” Now: iTunes | Google Play MusicStitcher

How can I help others find this awesome show?

Obviously, the easiest and best way to help the show is to tell your friends about it. However, if you would like to help the show grow and reach people that you don’t even know, go to the show’s page in iTunes and Stitcher and leave a review.

I am more of a visual person… can you show me?

Below is a cute video on how to get into podcasting from the producers of “This American Life” and “Serial”–the two most popular podcasts of all time. While they specifically direct you on how to listen to their shows, the steps are the same for this one–just search for “Art of the Sermon” on iTunes or in your podcasting app!