Art of the Sermon Episode 1: The Blessing and Challenge of Preaching Advent – An Interview with Rev. Magrey deVega

Art of the Sermon Episode 1: The Blessing and Challenge of Preaching Advent – An Interview with Rev. Magrey deVega
October 28, 2015 Dan Wunderlich

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Guest: Rev. Magrey deVega – Senior Pastor at Hyde Park UMC in Tampa, FL
Topic: The Blessing and Challenge of Preaching Advent

Introduction to Magrey and his ministry (2:37)
Magrey’s appointment to Hyde Park UMC (3:38)
The ministry and context of Hyde Park UMC (5:13)
Philosophy and approach to preaching (7:45)
How Magrey keeps on top of the pulse on the congregation (9:42)
Magrey’s new book on Advent (12:19)
Advent as a special season (18:25)
Challenge of preaching Advent/Christmas Eve (20:01)
Sermon planning for Advent/Christmas Eve (22:25)
Keeping Advent fresh (24:49)
Favorite Preaching Experiences (27:30)
Impactful preachers/communicators in Magrey’s life (28:58)
Influential Books (31:40)
How to follow Magrey (33:47)

Links to things mentioned in the episode

Awaiting the Already: An Advent Journey Through the Gospels – Magrey deVega
Under the Unpredictable Plant – Eugene Peterson
The Witness to Preaching – Thomas Long
What Then Shall We Say? Evil, Suffering, and the Crisis of Faith – Thomas Long
Festival of Homiletics

Reaching out to our guest

@mdevega on Twitter
Magrey deVega on Facebook

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Magrey deVega (right) with Florida Conference UMC Bishop Ken Carter

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  1. Roy Lowe 2 years ago

    A great interview with excellent content that presented the and value of the season of Advent as an opportunity to help us connect with God and to help others to make that connection. It inspired me to view, experience and express the season from a fresh perspective of the surprising word that God wants to speak to me and through me as a faithful and a countercultural alternative to our society’s version of Christmas.

    • Author
      Dan Wunderlich 2 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words! I am glad this helped “refresh” the season for you!

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